A Storm Over Sidi Bou Said Ends Up on CD Cover

Who would have thought it? On a very stormy and overcast day in April 2009, I ventured up to Sidi Bou Said from Sousse via Tunis. The purpose of the visit was to see and photograph the distinctive blue doors and window structures that had made the village a mecca for photographers and tourists alike. I took this shot from a superb vantage point in a cafe towards the top of the town that is famous for having been a haunt of the famous artistPaul Klee. The sky was dark and menacing, the blues of the window saturated with skylight breaking through the clouds.

Barely two months later, this photograph was picked up by a CD production company in France and purchased for use on a CD cover that is dedicated to Tunisian music - WINDS FROM THE DESERT. This CD can be purchased online from the company website at


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